American Forces Network

Viewers of the NFL playoffs this past weekend may have noticed the announcement at the start of the games informing the audience that the game was being broadcast on the American Forces Network to U.S. troops stationed in 175 countries and our ships at sea. Undoubtedly this information did not register with the vast majority of the audience. But take a minute to think about how truly remarkable this is considering that there are only 197 recognized countries in the world. The scope of the American Empire is breathtaking.

To put this in perspective, imagine if China started placing military bases around the world. Imagine if they had bases in Canada and Mexico and patrolled our coasts with battleships. If they expanded to even 5% of the empire we maintain we would hear pundits screaming about the communist scourge that is overtaking the world.

We who claim to stand for freedom and liberty are maintaining a military empire that extends over nearly 75% of the planet. Does any of this make us safer in the long run? Is this policy moral? Is this financially sustainable in the long term? No on all accounts. The prosperity of our nation is being squandered on this gargantuan military machine.

Our country is going bankrupt. It is time to bring all those forces home and have them defend this country. Let them spend their money here and support our economy.  All who care about the future of freedom and prosperity in our land should dedicate themselves to bringing this system under control. It is time for people to use their state and local governments to enact policy that is in line with our values and brings benefit to our people.